Romantic Edwardian

Portraits from the past. Clothed in authentic period fashion, model Cole Christensen embodies the beauty, elegance and romance of the Edwardian era.


edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-32 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-30


edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-35 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-29 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-38 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-34 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-33 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-28 edwardian-dress-totally-captivating-36



Model: Cole Lee Christensen
Photographer: Michael Helms/Totally Captivating
Hair and floral crowns: Kristen Johnson of Kristen Johnson Makeup Artistry
MUA: Madeline Qi
Antique jewelry provided by Molly Lance of Mackensie’s Treasures
Styling and Edwardian clothing provided by Alisa Powell Tetreault of Most Everything Vintage
Assistants: Patricia Helms and Elizabeth Gabriel

Special thanks to: Celena Rubin/Art of Makeup School

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